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Pragmatics is about the way we use words to do things. It involves social aspects of language use like politeness and face as well as discourse related features like how one sentence links to the next. Above all, we are interested in language as social actions.


Our regular online newsletter features articles and information related to pragmatics and second language learning. You'll find regular features on events and presentations, reports on conferences and interviews with local and international researchers,


Our Pragmatics Resources Series showcases some of the pragmatics research that is going on in Japan. We have books on (1) Pragmatics theory and practice (2) Conversation analysis in second language contexts and (3) Pragmatics activities for second language classrooms . 

Get Involved

The more you put into the SIG, the more you will get out of it. Make a presentation at a conference, write an article for our newsletter or join our Facebook group. It's a great way to meet other teachers and researchers who are interested in how students deal with pragmatics.

Pragmatics Matters Issue 62 Front.png
LATEST!! Pragmatics Matters Issue 62
Innovations in Teaching of Pragmatics

Edited by Donna Tatsuki

2000 yen



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