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To download handouts from the book, click here

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To download handouts from the book, click here

Pragmatics Resources Series

Pragmatics Undercover: The Search for Natural Talk in EFL Textbooks

Edited by Jerry Talandis Jr., Jim Ronald, Donna Fujimoto, & Noriko Ishihara

This book is about how pragmatics can help you, the working Japan-based language teacher, help your students improve their English speaking skills. It’s about how pragmatics is all around us, waiting to be uncovered and utilized for transforming the often stilted language found in many textbooks, thus enabling your students to communicate more naturally. Written in a plain, direct style that presumes no background in applied linguistics, this book also contains numerous step-by-step classroom activities and photocopiable resources. 

 Published June 2020

ISBN: 978-4-901352-64-2

Table of contents


Introduction – Jerry Talandis Jr., Jim Ronald


Part 1: Embedding Pragmatics Within Your Teaching​


Pragmatics, Pragmatics Everywhere – Donna Fujimoto


Going Beyond the Icing on the Gingerbread: Teaching Pragmatics More Regularly, Systematically, and Communicatively – Noriko Ishihara


Beyond “I’ve Got It” or “It Worked” From Teaching Pragmatics to Learning Pragmatics – Jim Ronald, Seiji Fukazawa

Transforming Pragmatics Activities Into Assessments Activities – Jerry Talandis Jr 

Part 2: Activities for Raising Pragmatic Awareness and Competence


Making Conversations Work Better

1. Entering an Ongoing Conversation – John Campbell-Larsen

2. Sitting Next to a New Classmate – Stachus Peter Tu, Jim Ronald 

3. Stop the Story – Jo Williamson

4. Finding Another Way – James Bury

5. Answer the Question: A Research Project – Terry McClean, Jerry Talandis Jr      


6. Do You Know…? Giving Longer Answers to Closed Questions – Sanae Oda-Sheehan


7. The Questionless Conversation – James Bury


8. Aizuchi Analysis – Jo Williamson 


9. Conversation Cards: A Turn-Taking Game – Michael Mondejar


10. Creating a Procedural Text – Kathryn Wills, Sheryl Simpson, Meredith Stephens    

Doing Things With Words – Better

11. Giving Advice Appropriately – Chie Kawashima 

12. Peer feedback – Jim Ronald

13. Developing Advice-Giving Pragmatic Skills Through Dialogs Focusing on Ethical Dilemmas – Michael Furmanovsky

14. Softening Your Comments: Learning How to Appropriately Use Hedges in Conversation – Kayo Fujimura-Wilson​

15. An Awareness-Raising Approach for Making Indirect Requests – Ewen MacDonald 

16. Making Plans – Amir Feroze, Yuki Mizutani    

17. A Friendly Refusal – Phill Bennett 

18. Giving and Responding to Compliments – Takuto Marutani 

19. Apologising With Sincerity: Learning How to Use Intensifiers in Apologies – Timothy John Wilson

20. Learn How to Complain With Comedies – Sina Takada                 

21. Open-Fly Alert and Trump’s Tissue – Ian Munby

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