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Pragmatics Resources Series

Back to Basics:

Filling the Gaps in Pragmatics Teaching Materials

Edited by Donna Tatsuki & Donna Fujimoto

Back to Basics: Filling the Gaps in Pragmatics Teaching Material is a series of innovative articles dealing with topics that are underrepresented by teaching materials in order to fill pedagogical gaps in the teaching of pragmatics. The aim of this volume is to offer insights and teaching materials on a number of important but rarely attempted topics. The intended audience includes teachers, researchers and others interested in “how people do this with words”. 

172 pages, published June 2016

ISBN: 978-4-901352-51-2

Table of contents

Introduction to the Volume – Donna Tastuki & Donna Fujimoto


Pedagogical Gaps in Pragmatics Teaching Materials – Donna Tatsuki

Section 1: Natural Conversation


Angling For an Answer: Preference in Polar Question Design – Donald Carroll


Natural Responses: Breaking the Grammar Mirror – Donald Carroll 


The Explicit Teaching of Backchannel Behavior in Japanese EFL/ESL Learners – Pino Cutrone


Section 2: Implicature and Meaning


Hello, Intonation and Implicature: A Taste of Pragmatics for Elementary Learners – Jim Roland 


Classroom Activities to Understand Humour – Fergus O’Dwyer


Lying and Deception – John Syquia


Breaking the Spell: Teaching Swearing in Context and Interaction – Dennis Harmon II


Section 3: Speech Acts


Advice, Warnings, Promises, and Threats: Clearing the Murky Waters of Utterance – Ashley Peace 


Teach Your Students a Lesson About Threats – Joseph Siegel, James Broadbridge, & Mark Firth


Thanks From the Bottom of My Heart: Teaching Elaborate Thanks in Written English – Noriko Ishihara


English Compliments for Positive Speech Interactions – Kayo Fujimura-Wilson

Section 4: Evaluation and Assessment


Student Self-Assessment in L2 Pragmatic Development During a Study Abroad Program – Mayumi Fujioka




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