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Our Team (2022-2023)

SIG officers are all volunteers who have been elected at the group's annual general meeting, which is held during the national JALT conference. If you would like to become an officer or nominate someone else, please contact the coordinator.


Program Chairs      


Publicity Chair        

Membership Chairs  

Membership Co-chair

Web Manager           
Publications Chair     
Newsletter Editor       
Japanese editor       

Donna Fujimoto
Chie Kawashima

Reiko Fischer

Yosuke Ogawa

Jim Ronald
Rob Olson
Nobuko Trent

Yosuke Ishii
Benio Suzuki
Noriko Ishihara
Kathi Kitao 
Yaoko Matsuoka
Sarah Deutchman
Sanae Oda-Sheehan

Bricklin Zeff

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