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Pragmatics Resources Series


Bringing pragmatics to second language classrooms

Edited by Jim Ronald, Carol Rinnert, Kenneth Fordyce and Tim Knight

This book is an extensive collection of 64 pragmatics-based lesson plans and activities for second language classrooms. It aims to make  learners think about language-as-action while they practice using language in various sequential and situational contexts.

Many of the activities are designed for EFL or JSL classrooms in Japan, but they are adaptable to other language contexts as well. See the links below for some sample pages.

240 pages, published December 2012

ISBN: 978-4-901352-38-3


The following links provide worksheets and audio-visual resources related to some of the lesson plans featured in the book. Feel free to download them and adapt them to suit your teaching context.

Ch. 1 Fordyce
Ch. 2  Balogh

           Video example

           Video 1  

           Video 2

Ch. 3 Higginbotham
Ch. 4 Higginbotham
           Video file
Ch. 5. Saito
Ch. 7 Lauritsen
Ch. 8 Fujimura-Wilson
Ch. 9 Bouchard
Ch. 11 Vannieu et al
Ch. 12 Richmond et al
Ch. 13 Talandis et al
Ch. 14 Rouault and Truscott
Ch. 15 Smiley
Ch. 17 Greer
Ch. 18 Fujishima
Ch. 19 Morel
Ch. 20 Wright
Ch. 21 Ikeda and Tateyama
Ch. 23 Minematsu
Ch. 24 Noda
Ch. 25 Carroll
Ch. 26 Fairbrother and Sasayama
Ch. 27 Knight  
             Audio file
Ch. 28 Stephens

Ch. 29 Ellis and Intardonato

Ch. 30 Sekigawa
Ch. 31 Knight
Ch. 32 Herbert
Ch. 33 Rinnert
Ch. 34 Munby
Ch. 35 Haga and Pomietlarz-Yamasaki
Ch. 36 Koseki
Ch. 37 Madden and Bailey
Ch. 38 Fujioka
Ch. 39 Fujioka
Ch. 40 Furmanovsky
Ch. 41 Nogami
Ch. 43 Meiki
Ch. 44 Herbert
Ch. 45 Fryer
Ch. 46 Takita
Ch. 47 Porter
Ch. 48 Ronald and Kanmei
Ch. 49 Asaba
Ch. 50 Ishihara
Ch. 51 Ishihara
Ch. 55 Burke and Takeda
Ch. 56 Chen and Huang
Ch. 57 Balogh
Ch. 60 Bradford-Watts
Ch. 61 Bouchard
Ch. 63 O'Dwyer
Ch. 64 Wilson

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