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Pragmatics Resources Series

Observing Talk:

Conversation analytic studies of second language interaction

Edited by Tim Greer

This second volume in the Pragmatics Resources Series includes eight CA articles on interacting in a second language.

Many of the activities are designed for EFL or JSL classrooms in Japan, but they are adaptable to other language contexts as well. See the links below for some sample pages.

153 pages, published November 2010

ISBN: 978-4-901352-34-5



  Tim Greer


Conversation Analysis and Language Teaching: A call to action
  Donald Carroll

Observing action in second language talk
Formulations in Teacher-Student Talk: Looking back for future talk
    Ian Nakamura

L2 Learners’ Orientation to Multimodal Activities in Peer Activities
    Yuri Hosoda and David Aline  

Electronic Dictionary Look-up Practices of Novice English Learners
     Jack Barrow

Observing “in-the-head” phenomena in second language talk
Claiming Not-understanding or not-knowing in Collaborative L2 tasks: Some Sequential Functions
     Yoko Sekigawa

Stereotypes and interaction: Some strategies used in identity negotiation
     Yuan Yuan

The Team Alliance in EFL small group discussion

      Donna Fujimoto

Learning through peripheral participation in overseen/overheard talk in the language classroom
     Yusuke Okada


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