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Our Team

SIG officers are all volunteers who have been elected at the group's annual general meeting, which is held during the national JALT conference. If you would like to become an officer or nominate someone else, please contact the coordinator.

Donna Fujimoto


Donna teaches at Osaka Jogakuin. She is interested in Conversation Analysis and Intercultural communication.

Kimiko Koseki


Kimi is responsible for the SIG’s finances and JALT auditing. Please feel free to contact her regarding any finance and/or accounting-related assistance.

Kumiko Kizu
Co-Program Chair

I am looking for something new, innovative and helpful in the fields of pragmatics and teaching.

Please contact me if you have some ideas and plans.

Nobuko Trent
Co-Membership Chair

Nobuko manages our membership list and sends you a reminder when your membership is due.

Chris Ruddenklau
Co-Program Chair

The program chair organizes the SIGs panels and coordinates other presentations and programs throughout the year.

Yosuke Ishii
Co-Membership Chair

Yosuke is responsible for your membership. His areas of interest include pragmatics, critical thinking, and materials development.

Donna Tatsuki

Publications Director

Donna is a professor at Kobe University of Foreign Studies. Contact her regarding our Pragmatics Resources series.

Todd Allen
Website/Social Media Chair

Todd is an Associate Professor at Kansai University. He completed his PhD at the University of Queensland. Let him know if you wish to contribute to this website or our social media channels.

John Campbell-Larsen
Newsletter Editor

John is always looking for new information for the newsletter. Contact him if you would like to contribute an article or a lesson plan.

Chie Kawashima
Co-Publicity Chair

Chie teaches English at senior high school in Tochigi Prefecture and she is a doctoral candidate at Macquarie University, Sydney. She is interested in developing novice learners' pragmatic competence in EFL contexts.

Rob Olson

Co-Publicity Chair

Rob is an associate professor at Tomakomai Komazawa University. He has researched gesture in communication. He is also involved with the Eiken and TOEIC tests.


Jack Barrow


Japanese Language Co-Editors

Naoko Osuka

Yukie Saito

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