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How to order 

Ordering books from the SIG's Pragmatics Resources Series.​

Each book costs 2000 yen (plus a postal charge of 220 yen for Japan-based customers; international rates vary). To order a book send an email to Dr Donna Tatsuki at the following address:

and cc our treasurer at

In your email, let us know:

    1. which book(s) you'd like 

    2. your name and postal address

   3. whether or not you require a receipt

If you are in Japan, please send payment directly to the SIG's account (ATM deposit or via the post office). Our account details are as follows:

Bank:            Shinsei Bank (新生銀行)

Branch:         400 (本店)
Account type: Yen Deposit (円普通預金)
Account No:   2164607
Name:           Kimiko Koseki

For overseas orders, contact Donna Tatsuki to negotiate options.

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